Release note 12/5/23 - Candidate Details: Company & Tenure Insights

12/5/23 - Candidate Details: Company & Tenure Insights

We are happy to announce that we’ve added additional detail & insight into a candidate’s background as part of our AI sourcing product suite. These details go deeper than the basics of where a candidate worked, when they worked there, etc. Now you have the ability to learn about some key facts/insights about what happened during their tenure at a given company. Not only that, but we are also providing detail about the company itself to allow you to perform any relevant research about a candidate directly from the Teamable app.

Now, when reviewing a candidate’s detailed background, you have the ability to expand/collapse a specific experience in their background to provide more detail around the following:

  • Company facts:
    • Industry(ies)
    • Website
    • Description
    • Last funding round raised
  • Candidate Tenure Insights:
    • Size of company during tenure
    • Joined company when (in lifespan of company)
    • Rounds raised during tenure
    • Growth Rate (+/-) during tenure

These details also ensure that any criteria created within our search experience has a corresponding visual through-line to matched or suggested attributes within a candidate’s background.

Release Note 11/20/23

Candidate AI Summaries:

If you have our AI sourcing product enabled, we have added a new candidate summary that to help frame why we have recommended a specific candidate for a job. The summary is relevant for the job, and is presented when opening the candidate detail/sidebar. There are 3 requirements for this to be active:

  1. You need to have the proper products/plan to be enabled
  2. A job description needs to be present for the job (either within the ATS or the job description field within the Teamable app
  3. The selected candidate also needs to have either Employments or Educations

Save for later added to candidate cards & sidebar

We added the Save for Later option to the candidate cards and detailed sidebar to provide easier access to this option while using our AI sourcing products.

Save for later button added

New Job Navigation & Hierarchy

We have simplified the organizational hierarchy & navigation within a job. We have combined the "Sourcing" & "Candidates" tabs into a single view of your entire pipeline within Teamable. In this new organizational structure under the "Pipeline" tab, we have categorized your candidates into key segments — from sourcing/prospecting —> candidates that are actively in your hiring pipeline. All the key segment/workflow view remain, and some new highlights include:

  • Everyone — this candidate segment represents all candidates that you have taken action on within Teamable for the specific job record you are in, regardless of their campaign status, or status within your hiring process
  • No email — if we are unable to find an email address for any sourced candidates, we have created a segment and tab that allows from an easy workflow that allows you to reach out to those candidates via LinkedIn Inmail
  • Interested + — this is a segment of candidates that tracks all candidates in your pipeline that have been sourced and have expressed mutual interest in the role and are moving forward in your hiring process
  • Configuration — this parent tab contains all the settings for your job that you know and love
New job tab layout

Default Landing Page

We have added a new capability within the settings area of the platform that allows you to set your preferred landing page when you log into Teamable. You will now have the ability to land at the following pages by default:

  • Dashboard
  • Jobs List
  • (Candidate) Review
Default Landing Page Setting

No Email Candidate Segment

As mentioned above, we have created a new segment of candidates within a job to represent any sourced candidates that we were unable to find an email address for. Teamable does not want you to miss the opportunity to contact and meet any new potential teammates, so within this new tab under "pipeline," we make it extremely easy to take the campaign messaging for the candidate and reach out to them via LinkedIn InMail. The primary action for this tab is as shown below, and the corresponding tooltip helps guide you through the process to establish contact and move forward with the candidate.

Candidates > CRM in Main Navigation

We have renamed the menu item in our main navigation to better represent the context and database of candidates you have in Teamable.

Main Navigation Update

Primary CTA Updates within Jobs

We have made some intuitive updates that more accurately reflect the next most logical call to action based on the context of the candidate tab/segment within the Job experience. Just as shown with the "No Email" tab above, the primary actions are now reflective of where candidates are within their respective journey(s).

HireGPT (Beta)

We are beginning an exciting new Public Beta for customers that have access to our AI Sourcing product suite. You can access the experience from the app's main navigation as shown below.

HireGPT Beta

HireGPT provides a chatGPT-like experience to manage the basic workflow of a job within Teamable. This means everything from establishing a search, tuning that search, managing your messaging, and actually recruiting directly from our chat experience. We are adding to this experience all the time, and allow users to toggle back and forth between HireGPT and our exiting recruiting app experience whenever you'd like. Keep an eye out for lots more info coming on HireGPT!

November 2, 2023

Updated Filter Tokens

We’ve updated the filter tokens to better align visually with your feedback on candidate attributes in Recommendations!

Now, if you indicate that an attribute token is a “Must have”, the token will change to completely green.

If you indicate that an attribute token is a “Nice to have”, the token will change to completely blue.

If you indicate that an attribute token is a “Dealbreaker”, the token will change to completely red.

Don’t worry - functionally, there are no changes. You can still adjust the strength of a token by selecting the token and choosing from the dropdown menu. The dropdown feedback menu will also show you what feedback level the token is currently at, in case you forget!

Feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions or feedback.

October 17, 2023

New Sourcing Slideout

Meet your redesigned sourcing slideout!

We have redesigned the sourcing slideout to give you greater control and personalization when you start messaging. Highlights for the redesign include:

  • Teamable can generate personalized messaging for candidates even if you haven’t created a campaign yet
  • If you have a campaign, you are able to see the exact messaging tailored to that candidate before reaching out to them
  • You can make changes to the first message, follow-ups, and replies, for any candidate, without having to leave the sourcing page
  • You can tailor who is sending the messaging and handling the replies for individual (or bulk selected) candidates from within the sourcing slideout

Learn more about the new sourcing slideout here! Also, feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions or feedback.

October 5, 2023

Inbound now available for Lever Teams and Candidate Detail Slideout Updates

📨 Introducing Inbound for Lever Teams

Teamable is launching Inbound for Teams on Lever ATS today! Seamlessly integrate Inbound applicants into your sourcing process. Teamable will watch for new applicants and elevate the best matches for the role.

Existing Teams on Lever will need to update their Lever API key to enable permissions for Inbound. Check out our support article on Integrating Lever with Teamablefor more information on generating a new key.

🌟 Key Features:

  • Find the needle in the haystack: By harnessing AI technology, Teamable’s “Best Match” feature surfaces the most qualified candidates to the top.
  • Search made easy: Teamable adds our candidate metadata to every applicant. So you can quickly filter by keywords, skills and experiences levels.
  • Integration across channels: Teamable Inbound is fully integrated with Outbound and Referrals. If an applicant is already in your network or was sourced before, that context is visible across each channel so you are able to take informed action.

You can learn more about the Inbound feature here! Also, feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions or feedback.

📄 Candidate Detail Slideout Updates:

As you view/review candidate details across the Teamable platform, we continue to make several visual enhancements to allow for a more comprehensive & efficient way to consume information about any candidate’s background. While functionally, nothing has changed, this week, we have introduced several of these enhancements to improve your experience.

September 14, 2023

Rejection Reasons for Teams with the Inbound and "About Me" in Candidate Profiles now available!

Inbound updates

Greenhouse Teams with the Inbound product enabled can now sync their Rejection Reasons to Teamable! We will be bringing this to all Teams soon.

Please note that your Teamable Teams may not have the correct permission for Reject Reasons to work. Your Team Admin will need to generate a new Teamable API key with the GET: List Rejection Reasons permission. To generate a new key, check out the article on Integrating with Greenhouse.

Teamable Admins need to manually enable the setting on their Settings > Integration page under the Greenhouse Stages section.

More information on setting up and getting started: Rejecting Applicants with an ATS Rejection Reason

General Updates

About Me Added to the Candidate Detail Slideout:

If there is an “About me” available for a candidate, we have added this content to the candidate’s details. This means it can also be used to search and recommend candidates based on the detail of the content.

Arrow Controls to Scroll Between Candidates

You can now use ← → arrows on your keyboard to scroll between candidates when reviewing them within the detail slideout. For anyone who manages much of their workflow from the keyboard, this will help upgrade your candidate review experience.

August 17, 2023

Introducing One-Click Campaign Generation 🚀

Harness the combined power of GPT-4 and our database of over 10M+ data points by using our new feature – campaign generation!

🌟 Key Features:

  • Unique Campaigns: Every campaign is precisely tailored to the role you're hiring for and your company. We use our data to craft messages (from the first touch to follow-ups) that convert at industry leading rates.
  • Simplicity at its Best: Seamlessly generate a campaign with a single click and start sourcing straight away!

We also updated our campaigns UI to make it easier for you to review and manage your campaigns.

You can learn more about this feature here! Also, feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions or feedback.

August 11, 2023

AI Sourcing (Outbound) Updates:

Infinite Scroll & Pool Size Reference(s):

  • We have updated the candidate list view to be an infinite scroll (was previously limited to a specific count of candidates).
  • The overall candidate pool size has now been made available at the top of the candidate list view & the candidate detailed slideout:
    • If the pool size exceeds 5,000 candidates, the notation will be as follows:

    • If the pool size is 5,000 candidates or below, Teamable will display the exact candidate pool size count:

Candidate Refresh Controls

  • Because we have adopted an infinite scroll approach to listing prospective candidates, we have added intuitive controls to refresh the candidate list at your discretion. These controls exist in both the list and detailed candidate views. Why do you need these?
    • As you provide feedback on the candidates you’re reviewing, our AI engine is automatically calibrating changes to your preferences.
    • Any time we learn something new, we will give you an opportunity to fresh the list of candidates to include all the new information our AI is using to get you the best candidates at the top of the list!

Inbound & Applicant Review Updates:

Applicant Review

  • Any applications that are now a result of a referral made within Teamable with be included in your applicant review list with the appropriate Applicant Source referenced in the candidate card header.

If you have any questions/feedback, feel free to contact us at!

July 27, 2023

New candidate status

We are excited to announce the addition of a new candidate status under "Responded": Not interested - Do not contact. Now, if a candidate expresses disinterest and wishes not to be contacted further, we will automatically detect this and update the candidate's status accordingly.

Adding a URL to a candidate's profile

Now you will be able to add a relevant URL to a candidate's profile. To do this, simply select "Edit profile" from the "More actions" dropdown menu. The URL will then be displayed below the candidate's name.

If you have any questions/feedback, feel free to contact us at!

July 13, 2023

Improved Campaigns List

We are excited to announce the latest campaigns list improvements:

  1. Better campaign performance overview - You will now be able to easily:
  • See the number of candidates that you reached out to + out of these, how many showed interest along with the percentage (Outbound)
  • See the number of candidates/referrals that applied to the job + out of these, how many moved to the Interview stage (Inbound/Referrals)
  1. Easier campaign management (applicable to teams that use Inbound and/or Referrals) - To make it easier to manage different campaign types, you will see four tabs at the top: All campaigns, Outbound, Inbound and Referrals.

Improved Inbound Applicant Review Workflow (currently applicable to Greenhouse users only)

We have added new functionality to the Inbound experience to make it easier for you and your team to review applicants.

  1. Reviewers section under a Job Setting has been split into an Outbound reviewer and an Inbound reviewer section.

  1. You can now filter on specific Inbound campaigns in the Applicants tab of Review.

    Only Mine: View only applicant campaigns where you are assigned as an Inbound Reviewer

    All Applicants: View all Inbound campaigns

    No Reviewer Assigned: View Inbound campaigns without an explicitly assigned Inbound reviewer

  1. Star Ratings have been added to candidates:

Card view:

Slideout/Detail View:

  1. Key candidate attributes from our AI are now highlighted to encourage feedback to power applicant sorting:

Card Experience:

Slideout/Detail Experience:

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact our Support team at!

June 29, 2023

New Candidate Detail/Slideout + Referrals Questionnaire

Meet your redesigned candidate detail (slideout view)!

We have redesigned the information architecture of our candidate slideout experience. The highlights of the new design are:

  • All candidate names, image/avatar, links, actions, and tags have been consolidated and moved to a left column
  • The slideout has grown! There’s now more “real estate” to review & work within the detail of the candidate’s background/CV or within the history or additional CRM details (notes, etc.)
  • Speaking of history, we have combined both the sourcing/recruiting history for a candidate with any intro request/referral history for a candidate under the same tab within the candidate detail. This consolidation should streamline the context and relationship you’ve across the candidate’s entire lifecycle

Referrals Questionnaire

When your team members submit a referral, they will now have the opportunity to respond to a set of questions about their referral and leave additional comments.

The responses provided will be added to the referral's profile within the Recruiting Portal and your team's Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This means you can easily access these contextual details and gain a deeper understanding of how your team member knows the referral.

If you'd like to enable this feature, please contact!

June 8, 2023

Upgraded Reporting

We're thrilled to announce a major upgrade to the Reporting dashboards that will change how you measure and analyze your hiring efforts. Our latest release focuses on providing you with enhanced reporting capabilities and empowering your team to make data-driven decisions.

Some Quick Highlights

  • Improved the filters experience and added advanced filters
  • Added clearer guidance and instructions within the report dashboards
  • Added Hire related fields to most reports
  • Updated color palette across all reports

Additional Changes

  • Team Overview and My Overview have now been combined into a single Activity dashboard, allowing you to track sourcing activity and high-level job performance individually or across your team
  • Role Performance is now Candidate Targeting
  • PeerSet Performance is now Benchmarks (available on select Teams)

All the New Reporting Dashboards Available

  • Leaderboard Referrals report is available to Teams with the Referrals product enabled
  • Greenhouse users will see “Greenhouse Metrics” instead of “Lever Metrics

Thank you to all the customers for the continual feedback on Reporting. We hope you enjoy the new experience and we’re not done yet! Stay tuned for more exciting updates on reporting in Teamable!

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact our Support team at

June 1, 2023

Search & Filter Experience Updates

We're excited to announce that we've upgraded our search & filter experience across all relevant areas of our platform. Any place that you see an “All Filters” option, when clicked, will invoke a slide out which will expose all the relevant search & filter options available -- depending on the context/location you are within the platform.

This change provides a much larger canvas & surface area to facilitate a better user experience, as well as create the foundation needed to support our expanding set of capabilities across the platform. Please see below for a preview, and read more about it here!