Sending on behalf of or sending as my teammate or hiring manager (SOBO)

This feature is available to users on all plans.

You can send messages to candidates as your co-worker, hiring manager, manager, or from the executive team. Our data shows that candidates are 2x more likely to respond to hiring managers and people in leadership positions. Follow the steps below to get started.


In order to send of behalf of another teammate, please ensure the following:

  • Sender must be signed up with Teamable and authenticated via Google Workspaces / Microsoft 365 - You can invite them via the Invitations page.
  • Sender must be on your Team.
  • Sender must give you permission to send emails on their behalf. 

Sending as a Teammate or Hiring Manager

Step 1. You can request to send on their behalf on the Campaign Settings tab, on the left sidebar under the Messaging section, by selecting a teammate from the "Send messages as" drop-down menu.

Step 2. Select the teammate you would like to permissions to send on behalf of. You're all set! You can now send on behalf of your teammate.

Please note, if you do not already have permissions, as indicated by the person icon with a \ across, proceed to the next step.

Requesting "Send As" Permissions

Step 3. A pop-up requesting permissions from your teammate will appear. Select "Request" and Teamable will send an e-mail to your teammate requesting permission. 


Step 4. Your teammate will need to go to their User Settings page and add your name in their "Who can send email as you?" under the Permissions section.

Changing the Sender after the First Message sends

If you decide to change the Sender on a Campaign after outreach sequences have started, sent outreaches will not be affected. Pending follow-ups for ongoing threads with existing candidates in Teamable will continue to be sent as the original sender.

Any new outreaches include First Messages and follow-ups will be sent to new candidates as the new sender.

Sending as a Teammate or Hiring Manager in the Sourcing Slideout

You can change the "Send as" setting for candidates within the sourcing slideout by selecting the "Send messages as" dropdown. You can only "Send as" teammates who have already given "Send as" permissions from the sourcing modal. If you want to "Send as" a teammate who has not given permission yet, it must be done from the campaign settings as described above.

Please note, changing the "Send as" settings within the sourcing slideout will only change the settings for the selected candidate(s) and will not change the campaign settings overall.

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