Reply Handler for Outbound Campaigns (Reply on behalf of, ROBO)

Replying on behalf of a teammate? Teamable allows you to reply to interested candidates on behalf of the sender. Replying on behalf of a sender (ROBO) will allow the campaign creator to customize and manage all replies when sending on behalf of a teammate.

Please note that if a candidate replies with attachments to an outreach with a Reply Handler, the attachments will not be available to the Reply Handler and the Sender will need to forward the attachments to the Reply Handler.

Enabling a Reply Handler / Reply on Behalf of

Step 1. Navigate to the Settings tab of an Outbound Campaign. 

Step 2. In the drop-down menu under Reply handling, select "Me" for yourself or a select a designated teammate.

You can also change the reply handler within the sourcing slideout.

Please note, changing the reply handler in the sourcing slideout will only change the reply handler for the selected candidate(s). This will not change the settings for the entire campaign.

When an Interested Candidate responds

When an interested candidate responds, the message will be hidden in the Sender's inbox. The Reply Handler will be notified via email that an interested reply has been received. 

Please note, "Not Interested" candidate responses will not notify the Reply Handler.

Responding to an Interested Candidate as the Sender

Step 1. Select "View thread" linked in the email alert.

Step 2. You will be redirected to the Candidate Page'Outreach tab. Select "Compose message as (Sender)"

Step 3. Craft your messaging in the pop-up menu. You can utilize the Calendar and Signature variables as well. CC and BCC your teammates involved in the conversation.

When an Autoresponse is Enabled for Interested Responses

When the Interested autoresponse is enabled for your campaign, the Reply Handler will still receive a notification. Teamable will send the Reply Handler an alert notifying that no further action is needed. 

If you would like to send an additional reply as the Sender, you can still do following the steps in the " Responding to an Interested Candidate as the Sender" section. 

For more information on how Autoresponses work, check out Handling Candidate Replies from Outbound Campaigns.

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