Handling Candidate Replies in Outbound Campaigns

When a candidate replies to your Outbound campaign outreach, you can choose to handle the response yourself or have a teammate handle the response. Teamable can automate your response based on the candidate's reply, or you have the option to receive responses as normal into your own inbox (or your teammate's) to manually respond accordingly.

After a Candidate Replies to your Outbound Campaign
"Autorespond" feature "Rely on behalf of"
What happens to the Candidate Reply Action Needed
Scenario 1 Disabled Disabled Candidate reply appears in Sender's inbox Manual response to candidate needed
Scenario 2 Disabled Enabled Candidate reply is hidden in Sender's inbox, Email alert sent to Reply Handler
Manual response to candidate needed

Scenario 3 Enabled Enabled Candidate reply is hidden in Sender's inbox, Email alert sent to the Reply Handler No action needed
Scenario 4 Enabled Disabled Candidate reply is hidden in Sender's inbox
No action needed

*Please note "Reply on behalf of" feature is only available to users on the Premium plan.

Scenario 1 - Manual Response - You (Campaign Sender) responding to the candidate

By default, autoresponse templates are enabled for all Outbound Campaigns. If you would like to respond on your own with your own inbox, you can toggle the option off  and disable it on the side of each message box. Once disabled, candidate responses will appear in your inbox.

Disable Outbound Campaign Autoresponses by default

Here are the steps to disable autoresponse options by default when creating a new outbound campaign.

Step 1. Select your Profile Photo on the top-right corner

Step 2. Select Settings.

Step 3. Under the User tab, scroll down to the Outreach section and select the drop-down menu under "Your Reply" for either "Positive" or "Not interested" responses.

Step 4. Select "Disable by default".

Scenario 2 - Manual Response - Responding on the Sender's behalf

Replying on behalf of a sender (or ROBO) will allow the campaign creator to customize and manage all replies when sending on behalf of a teammate. You can change the Reply Handler in the Settings tab of your Outbound Campaign.

For more details on how teammates can handle your campaign's replies, check out the article on Reply Handler.

Scenario 3 - Automated responses enabled and Reply Handling enabled (ROBO)

This feature is only available to users on the Premium plan.

When the Interested autoresponse is enabled for your campaign, you will still receive a notification. Teamable will send you an alert notifying that no further action is needed. 

If you would like to send an additional reply, check out the article on Reply Handler.

Scenario 4 - Automated responses enabled - Responding to candidates from Your (Sender's) inbox

Teamable has a human-in-the-loop who determines whether the candidate is interested, not interested, or out of office, and can send a customized autoresponse of your choosing. You can also add calendar link or loop-in a colleague to direct the candidate further. 

Autorespond feature on Unclear Candidate Replies

If our team is unsure of a response or the autoresponse doesn't quite fit the context, we'll mark the response "Unclear" and the candidate response goes directly to your inbox. 

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