Adding a Candidate's Email Address Manually

Teamable will most often find the best email for contacting a Candidate automatically based on your Campaign email preferences. You also have the option of providing your own email if one isn't available or you prefer to contact the Candidate using a different email address.

Manually Adding a Candidate's Email Address through the Chrome Extension 

Step 1. In the Teamable Chrome Extension, select the Profile tab.

Step 2. Select the Email text box and type or paste in the candidate's email address.

Bulk Adding Candidates' Email Addresses in Teamable app

You can also bulk upload candidates to Teamable via CSV import method. Check out the article on Importing candidates from a CSV file.

Editing an Existing Candidate's Profile Email Address

If there's an existing candidate that your team has previous outreach to, you can update the email address. Check out the article on Editing Candidate Profile Information.

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