Editing the Email Finding options

The Campaign Settings page has an option to set the "Preferred email type" and if Teamable is unable to find the "preferred email", the email address will be chosen based on the option set in "Preferred email type not available".

Step 1. Go to your Campaign page.

Step 2. Select the Settings tab on the left side .

Step 3. Scroll down to the Email Finding section.

"Preferred Email Type" options

  • Personal - the candidate's personal email address (i.e. @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, @comcast.net, @hotmail.com).

    This is the default option for all Campaigns.

  • Work - the candidate's current work email address (i.e. @google.com, @fb.com, @microsoft.com)

"Preferred Email Type Not Available" options

  • Best available email - Teamable will reach out to any available email address, both personal or work email address would be reached.

    This is the default option for all Campaigns.

  • Only preferred email - Teamable will ONLY reach out to the "Preferred email type" chosen, only personal or only the work email address would be reached. If this option is selected and an email address other than the "preferred email type" is available, the candidate outreach sequence will not start and they will not be reached.

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