Importing candidates from a CSV file

This feature is available to users on the Essential and Premium plans.


1. The file must be a .csv. Teamable does not accept .docx, .doc, .pdf, .xslx, or any additional formats. 2. For the first column, you MUST include: 

  • LinkedIn ID (OR) Public Profile URL - you must include the candidate's LinkedIn URL in the row
  • If this is limiting for your use case, see this article on Importing a CSV without a LinkedIn URL

3. Optional columns: 

  • Email - if you have the candidate's email address available, otherwise TopFunnel will find the email address
  • Tags - if you would like to include tags to add to the candidate's profile, all tags should be comma-separated Importing Candidates via CSV Import

Importing Candidates via CSV Import

Step 1. Find the Job/Campaign to add profiles to and select CSV Import at the top-right of the page.

Step 2a. If you are importing to a Job, you can select the Campaign for immediate outreach or "Save for later" to store the candidate for outreach at a later time.

Step 2b. If you're importing to a Campaign directly, you will immediately reach out to candidates after the import is successful.

Step 3. Determine if you need to "Allow reaching out to previously sourced candidates".

By default, it is toggled off and disabled to avoid reaching out to candidates who have already been contacted by a team member. If you are re-engaging candidates or want to re-connect with candidates contacted by Teamable before, toggle on and enable the feature.

Teamable searches through your inbox as well as your ATS to determine duplicative profiles and previously contacted candidates.

Step 4. Drag the .CSV file into the box or upload from your device and select Start. Your CSV import may take as long as 20 minutes. You will receive an email confirmation when complete.

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