Importing a CSV without a LinkedIn URL

Teamable makes it easy for you to import candidates from another source via a Comma Separated Value (.csv) file in order to jumpstart outreach.
This feature is available only by special request. If you'd like to utilize this feature, please contact your account representative or reach out to

How to Import a CSV without a LinkedIn URL Field

For the best Teamable experience, it's best to provide a LinkedIn Profile URL. However, if you cannot, you can still reach out to candidates as long some basic information is provided.

When adding candidates without a LinkedIn URL, there are a few things we still need:

  • In a column titled 'Email' - A valid email for the candidate
  • In a column titled 'First Name' - The candidate's first name
  • In a column titled 'Last Name' - The candidate's last name

Note: You may include a company column to populate the {Company} variable, however without the LinkedIn information, we cannot be certain their current company is up-to-date, so we would advise not including the {Company} variable for CSV outreach without LinkedIn URLs. We also recommend removing the custom {Personalized Content} variable from your Campaign as this variable generate customized text based on information provided on public LinkedIn profiles. When saving candidates without a LinkedIn profile, these variables will not function properly.

Messaging sequences will still go out as usual and Teamable will track outreach and responses.

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