Inviting Teammates to Join Teamable

You can invite your teammates on the Invitations page or they can sign up directly on Teamable via Single Sign-On (SSO) and they will be automatically added to your Team.

Inviting your Teammates

Step 1. Select your User Profile Photo on the top-right corner of the page.

Step 2. Select the Invitations link on the drop-down menu.

Step 3. On the Invitations page, select the text box under Invite Teammate and type your teammate's email address.
You can use a comma to separate multiple email addresses. A space between the commas is not needed.

Step 4. Select the "Invite" button once you’re ready to send the invitation.
Your invitation will be valid for 30 days. Once the invitation expires you will need to select the "Resend" option under the Action row to re-send the invitation.

Step 5. Your teammate will receive the invite in their email inbox and they will need select the “Sign in to Teamable” link to connect their email account to Teamable. If your teammate signs into Teamable and they were not automatically added to your Team. Please reach out to

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