Adding Candidates to a Teammate's Campaign and Sourcing Permissions

In order to save candidates into another Teammate's (the Campaign Creator's) campaign, you will need sourcing permissions from them. By default, only Campaign Creators can add to Campaigns. Without sourcing permissions, teammates can only "Save for later" to the Job.

Allowing Permissions for a Teammate to Add Candidates into Your Campaigns

Step 1. Select your User Profile Picture and select Settings page. 

Step 2. Scroll down to the Permissions section and select the drop-down menu under "Who can source candidates into your campaigns?"

Step 3. Select the teammates you want to allow permission to source into campaigns you have created.

Step 4. Once sourcing permissions are given by the Campaign Creator, the Campaign Creator's Campaigns will now appear in allowed Teammate's the Chrome Extension.

Please note, if a Campaign is in a Private Job, you may need additional permissions from the Job Creator. Additional permissions can be accessed by the Job creator under the Settings tab for the Job.

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