Teamable Beginner's Guide - How to Recruit Candidates

Welcome to Teamable!

New to Teamable and do not know where to start? In order to recruit candidates you will need to create a job, create a campaign and you can start messaging candidates using this guide.

Creating a Job

1. First, let's create a job. Teamable will automatically create a job for every job in your ATS (Learn more about integrating your ATS here). No ATS? We can manually create a new job! Check out the article on Creating a new Job for more information.

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Create an Outbound Campaign

  1. Now that we've created a job, let's build your outreach. Create a customized outreach, complete with follow-up messages and automated reply options. Check out the article on Creating and Managing Campaigns for more information.

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Start Sourcing for Outbound Campaigns

3. Hooray, you've built a campaign! Let's start sourcing candidates! Find your ideal candidates powered by our AI recommendation system that learns from you! You can also add them using the Teamable Chrome extension or through a CSV import. You can download the Chrome Extension here.

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When a Candidate Responds

4. One of my candidates responded! Let's get them on a call! Teamable has several options for handling candidate responses. Check out our article on how Teamable handle replies.

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