Reaching out to candidates "Saved for later" in a Job

You can reach out to candidates you have "saved for later" in a Job via a Campaign in the same Job.

Please note that the candidate will still appear in a Job's "saved for later" if you decide to complete the outreach using another Job or a Campaign that is not the current Job.

Step 1. In the Jobs tab, select your Job.

Step 2. On the "To Do" tab, select the "Saved for later" tab.

Step 3. Select the candidate(s) you would like to reach out to.

Step 4. Select "Recruit" button on the top-left of the page.

Step 5. Select the Campaign in the same Job.

Step 6. You can edit the First message, Follow-ups and Replies templates linked to the Campaign. You can also change the "Send as", reply handlers, and/or reviewers for your selected candidate(s).

Please note that changing these settings for the selected candidate(s) will not change the settings for the campaign or Job.

If the candidate(s) have previous outreach, you will need to toggle on "Allow reaching out to previously messaged candidates".

Step 7. Once you have completed your First message edits, select "Send" to start your outreach.

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