Moving Candidates to another Project or Campaign

Once added to a campaign, the candidate will always be associated with that campaign. However, you can also add them to other campaigns as well.

This is helpful when you are re-engaging candidates or when a candidate was saved to the wrong campaign, in which case you'd want to stop messaging and re-save the candidate to another campaign.

Re-sourcing Candidates from an existing Project/Campaign to another Project/Campaign

Step 1. Select the candidate(s) you want to re-save, then select "Recruit".

Step 2. On the pop-up menu, select the Project (for "Save for later") and/or Campaign (for reaching out).

Step 3. Since the candidates have been saved to Teamable before, enable and toggle on the "Allow reaching out to previously messaged candidates" option, so that Teamable's candidate de-duplication feature will not trigger and stop the outreach.

Step 4. Depending on your Project/Campaign settings, you have the option to:

  • "Save for later" - Candidates are saved to another Project and are not sent an outreach.
  • "Request review for outreach" - Candidates are sent to your Reviewer's queue.
  • "Send" - Candidates are reached out with a first message via the Campaign chosen.

Step 5. Once you have selected one of the previous options, your candidate will appear in your selected Project/Campaign and you're done!

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