Release Note 2/2/24 - Big Sourcing Enhancements!

We're excited to introduce our new "Sourcing" tab in Teamable!

Today, we take a big step in redefining sourcing and making it easier and more intuitive to source across channels, including our massive candidate database. Our search experience is designed to allow you refine a pool of candidates that are most relevant for each job. As you find & recruit great candidates, our AI engine will look across key candidate details & recommends more great candidates based on what we know you like.

This step marries AI driven matching, informed by your organization's data, and the ability for your team to control the search as you start to have conversations and learn more about what you need.

Look for the new tab on the left hand sidebar, select a job, and start sourcing - it's that easy!

Now, you'll have better control over your calibration candidates that drive our AI engine:

Our smart filtering gives you more nuanced control between what is a 'Nice to have' vs. the 'Must have' or 'Dealbreaker'

This kind of search by job is also no longer limited to Outbound sourcing of passive candidates, but you can apply it to your Inbound ATS applicants, employee referral network, and current Teamable CRM as provided by your team's plan.

If you're as excited as we are - start using it here!

You can also find some additional information about how to use, choose, and filter below:

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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