Rejecting a Recommended Candidate

How do I reject a Recommended candidate?

Step 1. Navigate to the "Sourcing" tab (if you need instructions, check out this article).

Step 2. On the candidate card of the candidate you'd like to reject, select the "Reject" button to the right.

Please note, it is recommended to click and interact with highlighted items to help inform what attributes you like and dislike about candidates before rejecting them in order to improve the similarity model.

You can also reject the candidate within the candidate profile slide-out, which is accessible by selecting the candidate's profile picture or name.

Bulk Rejecting

Bulk rejecting is best utilized for quickly sorting through your inbound Applicant pool. For example, if there is a hard location requirement, you can quickly reject all of the candidates that are located outside the required area.

What happens when I reject a Recommended candidate?

When you reject a Recommended candidate, they will be hidden from that job's list of Recommended candidates and no outreach is sent. Rejecting a candidate does not affect the Recommendations model- only making feedback decisions on the attribute pills will affect the Recommendations model.

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