Using the Engage Button

Teamable gives you a variety of options and controls when messaging a candidate. When you select the "Engage" button on a candidate, the sourcing modal will slide out to allow you to edit and send messaging or request an introduction when possible.

Table of Contents:

  1. Messaging Options
  2. Editing Messaging
  3. Requesting Intros
  4. Generating Personalized Messaging
  5. Bulk Recruiting

Messaging Options

The messaging options presented at the top of the sourcing modal will vary depending on the candidate's source channel (Recommended, Likely to respond, Applicants from your ATS, your Referral network, or your CRM).

Within a Job

If you are sourcing within a Job, the messaging options are outbound campaigns within that Job and generated personalized messaging.

You are able to recruit the candidate(s) to another job by selecting "Select another job" on the right side of the slideout.

You will be prompted to select a Job to move the candidate to, then you will complete the sourcing process within the selected Job.

In the Candidates Tab

If you decide to recruit from the Candidates tab, selected from the left-side menu, your messaging options will include Jobs and campaigns. You can switch between viewing only your Jobs and campaigns, and viewing all Jobs and campaigns, by toggling off the "Mine only" filter.

Editing Messaging

Please note: Editing messaging and messaging settings for an individual candidate or bulk selected candidates will only affect the selected candidate(s). Messaging and settings will not be changed for the campaign outside of the selected candidate(s). If you want to change messaging templates or settings for every candidate, navigate to the campaign page.

Editing Message Settings

Within the sourcing slideout, you can view and change who will send the first message, who will handle the replies, and who will be reviewing the candidates.

Under the "Send message as" dropdown, Teamable will only show people who have given permissions to send messaging on their behalf. If you want to send messaging as someone on your team who has not given permissions, check out this article on how to request "Send as" permissions.

Editing the First Message

You can edit the first message directly within the sourcing slideout to personalize it to each candidate if needed. You can add or remove content from the first message itself, as well as change the email subject line, and add in teammates via CC or BCC to include in the email thread.

When able, Teamable will fill in the messaging variables so you can see the exact message that the candidate will receive.

If Teamable is unable to fill in the variables, you can select the "Preview" tab to view the messaging with random content filled into the variables. This is not the exact messaging that the candidate will see.

If you would like to change the first message but have Teamable generate it for you, select the "Generate new" button within the message and Teamable will build a new message. If you select "Stop generating" while we are working on a new message, we will default back to the previous message.

Troubleshooting Tip: If Teamable fails to personalize the messaging for a candidate, select the "Generate new" button. Typically this will generate a new first message with the variables filled in.

Editing the first message within the sourcing modal will only change the messaging for the selected candidate(s). If you want to change the messaging for the entire campaign, navigate to the campaign page.

Editing Follow-ups and Replies

You can view and edit the follow-ups and replies the candidate will receive in the messaging sequence by selecting each follow-up or reply in the left-hand menu. The editing options are the same for the first message and follow-ups and replies.

You can add and remove follow-ups as needed by selecting the "Add a follow-up" button in the left-hand menu, or selecting the "Remove follow-up" button within each follow-up message.

You can toggle replies on and off as needed by selecting the toggle switch on the right side of each reply.

Requesting Intros

The Requesting Introductions feature is only available for Premium users who have Referrals enabled. To learn more about Referrals, check out this article.

If the candidate is connected to someone in your network, you can request an intro rather than sending messaging. Select the "Request intro" tab to see everyone the candidate is connected with. Select the teammate(s) you would like to get an intro through, and then select the "Request intro" button.

If the "Enable intro request" switch is toggled on and at least one teammate is selected, the "Send" button will act as a "Request intro" button instead. If you just want to send messaging and not utilize an introduction, you can deselect all teammates or toggle off "Enable intro request".

If you do not want to see the intro request options again, toggle off "Enable intro request". You can always navigate back to this tab, but the sourcing modal will not automatically open to the "Request intro" tab any more.

Generating Personalized Messaging

When sourcing candidates within a Job, you can generate completely brand new personalized messaging by selecting "Generate personalized messaging" from the messaging options dropdown. Teamable will generate a new First Message, new Follow-ups, and new Replies for the selected candidate.

Please note: All candidates who are messaged with generated personalized messaging will be saved under a separate campaign named "OUTBOUND- PERSONALIZED". Messaging settings for these candidates cannot be viewed or edited after messaging has been sent.

Bulk Recruiting

To recruit multiple candidates at once, utilize the checkboxes within the candidate cards. Once you have all candidates selected that you want to message, select the "Recruit" button at the top of the candidate list.

When sourcing multiple candidates at once, Teamable will not fill in the variables in any messaging. You can select the "Preview" tab to view the messaging with random content filled into the variables. This is not the exact messaging that the candidates will see.

Please note: Any changes made to the messaging or settings when bulk recruiting will affect all candidates selected. Be cautious adding or changing content to be personalized to candidates if you are bulk recruiting.

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