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What is it?

Our Referrals product allows employees to connect their LinkedIn networks and proactively make referrals from it. Teamable will even suggest perfect fits to help promote great opportunities.

From a recruiter’s standpoint, tapping into your team’s collective network has never been easier. Teamable will help advertise opportunities to get introduced to the best and brightest talent from this network in your CRM and our Chrome extension.

Why should you use it?

The best talent often comes through referrals as employees know both the candidate and the company being able to then know who could be a great fit. Employee referrals have also historically helped companies save time/money and increase their employee retention rate.

  • Accelerate your hiring processThe average hiring process takes 42 days, but that process can be reduced to 29 days when employers have a referral. That’s a time savings of up to 31%. (Source: Zippia)
  • Optimize time & overheadThe cost-per-hire of employee referrals is $1,000 less on average than other hiring sources. (Source: Zippia)
  • It plugs seamlessly into our sourcing workflowThe Teamable referral product integrates seamlessly with our sourcing workflow to make sure you’re getting the most out of all referral opportunities.

How does it work?

Recruiting team
Sign up
Access the Employee Portal
Edit a referral campaign
View team's collective network
Request introductions from employees
Check the status of an introduction request

Other employees
Sign up
Connect a network
Make a referral from LinkedIn network
Make a referral not within LinkedIn network
Respond to an introduction request
Check the status of a referral

Ready to get started?

Contact Teamable and let us know you’re interested; your team’s referral game will take off in no time!

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