How can I refer someone that is not on my network?

You have the option to manually refer a candidate to a job, even if they are not in your network. 

Step 1. Select the "Refer a friend" button on the top right menu of the bar.

Step 2. Type in the candidate's name you want to refer in the "Enter candidate's name" textbox and then select "Add a candidate that is not in your network".

Step 3. Fill in the candidate's personal information and select the job you want to refer the candidate to. 

Step 4. Once you have filled in the candidate's personal information and selected a job, you will have two options to send the referral. You can select the "Send Email" button to send a referral containing a unique referral link, or you can select the "Get the Link" button to get a unique referral link and send it via any method. Please note that you can review and personalize the email before sending it.

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