Referral Campaign

When you log in to your Teamable account, you will be taken to your dashboard. You can then access the "Projects" tab in order to start working on a role. 

Referral campaigns are automatically created and you can access it to adjust the templates, view networks, view metrics, and adjust settings under each tab as described below.

Templates Tab

On the " Templates" tab, you will be able to personalize the messages that will be sent to an employee when you make an intro request, and that will be sent to a candidate when an employee completes the intro request. You can edit any template by clicking on it, and can add or remove the following variables to the message:

  • Candidate's first name
  • Candidate's last name
  • Employee's first name
  • Employee's last name
  • Employee's email
  • Employee's signature
  • Job title
  • Application link 
  • Your own signature

Please note that the content of the messages can be personalized again before they are sent.

Candidates Tab

On the " Candidates" tab, you will be able to see candidates that you requested an introduction to or that have been referred by an employee.

Metrics Tab

On the " Metrics" tab, you can see how your referrals campaign is performing.

Settings Tab

On the " Settings" tab, you can adjust messaging settings and bonus settings. 

Under the Messaging settings, you can decide on which days you want to send outreach, whether outreach can be sent on US holidays, and whether you'd like to enable email tracking.

Under the Bonus settings, you can enable a referral bonus, set the default referral bonus currency and amount, and add a description for the referral bonus.

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