Release Note 9/21/22 - TopFunnel is now Teamable

Change at your own pace

Please note that these changes are almost exclusively visual, NOT functional changes; however, we know updates like this can be jarring without having time to familiarize yourself as a user. Don’t worry, we have you covered. There is a way to navigate back to the legacy app UX through the user menu in the top right of the app (under your avatar). All users will have 30 days to become familiar with our new design, and ask questions before we remove the legacy UX. To the left demonstrates how to navigate back to the legacy design.

Predetermined filters

To help customers save time, we’ve added some predetermined, popular filter sets to help with searching and sourcing through your CRM database. The filter sets exist within the main navigation of the app on the left hand side (sub navigation under the “Candidates” menu.

Help for new users

An updated “Getting Started” walkthrough for new users to the Teamable platform has been added. Teamable will be actively making strides moving forward to provide more in app & in-context guidance as part of our product DNA. To start, we’ve added a widget to help all users familiarize themselves with some basic building blocks within the app. If, for some reason, this widget is exposed in your dashboard (should only happen if there is a task in your account that has not yet been completed), this is on purpose, and is easily dismissible by clicking the ‘x’ in the top right hand corner of the widget.

These are the first of many big enhancements coming soon and we cannot wait to hear your feedback!

Thanks so much,
Teamable Product Team

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