Integrating Greenhouse with Teamable

This feature is available to users on the Essential and Premium plans.

Integrating Greenhouse with Teamable allows for a more seamless candidate management experience. Teamable will automatically push candidates to Greenhouse as you source them and will help identify duplicate candidates against candidates your team has already contacted.


  • You must be a Super Admin in Greenhouse
  • You must be a Admin in Teamable

Creating the Greenhouse Harvest API Key

Step 1. In your Greenhouse instance, at the top-right of page, select the Configure cog icon.
Step 2. Under the Configure sidebar, scroll down and select "Dev Center".

Step 3. Select the "API Credential Management" link.

Step 4. At the top-right of the page, "Create New API Key" button.

Step 5. Select "Harvest" in the API Type drop-down menu and "TopFunnel" in the Partner drop-down menu. Then select "Manage Permissions".

The Partner API key automatically selects the right permissions for seamless integration.

Step 6. Once the key has been created, select "Copy" to copy the key. Be sure to store the key in a secure place, as you will not be able to copy the key again. Then select "Close" or "I have stored the API Key".

Step 7. With the copied API key from Greenhouse, go to the Teamable site and at the top-right corner of the page, select your Profile Photo. Then select "Settings".

Step 8. Select the "ATS Connect" tab, then under the "Select an ATS" section, select "Greenhouse".

Step 9. Paste the copied API key from Greenhouse into the "Your Greenhouse API Key" box. Please note, if you lost the key or did not store the key prior to this step, you will need to create a new API key.

Step 10. Once you have pasted the key, select "Save" and you're done!

It may take a few hours or up to 24 hours for Teamable to completely sync to your Greenhouse. Please contact for more details or if the sync takes longer than 24 hours.

Optional: Setting "Candidate as prospect: Yes" as the default setting for all new Projects

Step 1. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Under "Default settings for new projects", enable and toggle ON "Add as 'Prospects'".

All new and future Projects will have candidates in Teamable added to your Greenhouse ATS as Greenhouse Prospects.

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