Adding Follow-ups and Adjusting Sending Options

Once you’ve created an Outbound Campaign, you can manage and edit your follow-up messages. Follow-up messages will reach the candidate when the candidate does not respond to the First Message or the previous follow-up.

Adding Follow-up Messages

When creating a Campaign, 3 follow-up messages will be automatically created. They will automatically be sent out depending on the number of days set between messages, by default the follow-ups will send out 3 days from the previous message. 

Once a messaging sequence has begun, you cannot retroactively change messaging content, or adjust the Advanced Option sending settings to apply to an ongoing sequence. The messaging and settings are locked in when the sequence begins (when the candidate is sourced and saved to Teamable). The new edits would apply to new candidates saved.

When a Candidate responds (which includes email bounces or automated out-of-office responses), the follow-ups will stop automatically and the Candidate Status will change to "Responded". Check out Handling Candidate Replies for more details on Candidate responses.

Adding Additional Follow-ups

Step 1. In your Campaign page, select the "Templates" tab, 

Step 2. Scroll down to the bottom of the "Follow-ups" section, and select "Add new follow-up email".

Removing Follow-ups

Step 1. Go to the follow-up you would like to delete.
Step 2. Select the trash can icon on the top-right corner of the follow-up.

Adjusting the Number of Days of a Follow-up 

Step 1. In your Campaign, select the "Templates" tab, 

Step 2. Scroll down and find your selected Follow-up.
Step 3. Select the "Advanced Options" drop-down menu.

Step 4. Adjust the number in the "Send day(s) after the first message" section.
Step 5. Optional: Adjust the days of the week the follow-up can be sent in the "Only send on these days of the week" section.
Step 6. Optional: Adjust what time the follow-up is sent in the "Choose an optional time of the day to send" section.
Please note that while these options are set, your follow-up may be delayed or sent at another time if you have many follow-ups queued up in your inbox.

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