When are my follow-ups scheduled to send?

Each follow-up is scheduled based on the Campaign's follow-up settings for each individual follow-up. For more information on editing the send days, check out Adding Follow-ups and Adjusting Send Options.

Checking the Scheduled Follow-up for an Individual Candidate

Step 1. Find the Candidate, either through the search bar on the top of the page or through your Projects/Campaigns. There are two ways to find the scheduled follow-up.

Method 1
Step 2a. Select the "Reached" status at the top of the Candidate Card.
Step 2b. Select the Candidate's individual name.

Step 3a. After selecting the "Reached" status, a pop-up with the Candidate's messaging sequence status will appear.

Step 3b. After select the Candidate's individual name, go to the Outreach tab of the Candidate's Profile Page.

Step 4. Using your cursor, hover over the follow-up "X days from now" to view the schedule time for the follow-up.

"Reached" Candidate Status pop-up

Outreach tab of the Candidate's Profile Page

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