Can I have multiple senders on the same campaign?

Each Campaign is limited to one Sender. You cannot add a different sender in a follow-up message.

You can CC or BCC your Teammates or anyone you would like in the First Message, the Follow-ups and/or the Automated Replies. You can also re-engage candidates with a new outreach sequence using a different sender.

CC'ing or BCC'ing a Teammate or Additional People

Step 1. Find your Campaign and on the Campaign page, select the "Templates" tab.

Step 2. Choose which message template you would like to CC or BCC someone and select the message box, either the First Message, a Follow-up, the Positive Reply, the Not Interested Reply, or the Out of Office Reply templates. 

Please note that each CC/BCC applies to each individual message, so if you would like to add the same person in the CC/BCC section, you must add them to every box.

Step 3. Select "Save" button to save the changes.

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