Stopping Outreaches to Candidates

While we cannot unsend any messages sent to candidates, we can stop future outreach or follow-ups. If you would like to stop outreaches from an entire Campaign, please check out the article on Deactivating a Campaign.

Stopping Outreach to Candidates

Step 1. Find the candidates you want to stop outreach to. You can find them in your Candidates tab of the Project or  Campaign page

Step 2. Mark the checkbox next to the candidate(s) you want to stop messaging.

Step 3. Select "Stop outreach" on the bar that appears at the top of the page.

Step 4. A confirmation pop-up will appear: "Stop all email activity with these candidates? Responses will not be detected by Teamable." Select "Yes".

Once outreach has been stopped, Teamable will no longer detect candidate responses. Responses will still appear in the respective Reply Handler's inbox, but Teamable will not longer be able to track the status of the reply. Any Teamable automated responses will also be disabled for any outreach that has been stopped.

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