Chrome Extension Tab: CRM


The CRM tab in the Teamable Chrome Extension will show you the Jobs the candidate is saved to (either a "saved for later" OR a Campaign outreach) and the Notes on the candidate visible across your Teamable Team. 

Adding or Viewing Candidate's Notes in the Chrome Extension

Step 1. Select the Teamable Chrome Extension on the candidate's LinkedIn page.

Step 2. Select the CRM tab.

Step 3. Add or view the Notes section on the CRM tab of the Extension.

Step 4. To add Notes, you will need to complete the candidate outreach or save the candidate via "save for later".

Viewing the Candidate's Profile in Teamable and in your ATS

If your team has already interacted with the candidate before, you can quickly select " View" to view their Candidate Profile page.

If you have an ATS connected to Teamable, you can also select " View" where you see your ATS logo to see the candidate's profile page on your ATS site.

Tagging a Candidate in the Chrome Extension

To add a tag to a candidate's profile, simply select "New tag" and type your text to create a new tag for the candidate.

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