Downloading and Installing the Teamable Chrome Extension

To get started with your candidate outreach, you will first need to download and install the Teamable Chrome Extension. Please note that the extension app will not be supported on other browsers such as Firefox. Once you have installed the Extension, you can start your outreach by Creating a Job and Creating a Campaign. Check out the Teamable Beginner's Guide for more information.

Step 1. Click here for the Chrome Web Store link OR you can visit your User Profile Photo drop-down menu on the Teamable site.

Step 2. Select “Add to Chrome” on the Teamable Extension Chrome Web Store page.

Step 3. Select “Add Extension”.

You will need to pin the extension to the Extension toolbar on the top-right corner of the Chrome Browser to utilize the Extension.

Step 4. Select the puzzle piece icon.

Step 5. Select the pin icon next to the Teamable Chrome Extension to pin it to the toolbar.

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