Using the Teamable Chrome Extension

Once installed, the Teamable Chrome Extension is visible from the extension toolbar in Chrome. With the Teamable Chrome Extension, you can manage outreach to candidates. Check out Downloading and Installing the Teamable Chrome Extension and Teamable Beginner's Guide for more information.

Getting Started with the Chrome Extension

Step 1. Download and install the Chrome Extension. Please ensure third-party apps and cookies are enabled in Chrome for the extension to work.

Step 2. Pin the Teamable Extension to the Chrome Extension toolbar by selecting the puzzle icon on top-right corner of the Chrome browser. Then select the "Pin" icon next to the Teamable icon.

Step 3. Find a candidate's profile on your selected website and select the Chrome Extension icon in your Extension bar. 

Step 4. Select the drop-down menu at the top of the extension pop-up and choose a Project (folder icon) ORCampaign (envelope arrow icon). 

If you are saving to a Teammate's Project or Campaign and you are not able to view it in the drop-down menu, toggle OFF "Mine only" on the top-right corner of the Extension to view your Teammate's Projects/Campaigns.

Step 5a. After selecting a Project - you will have the option to:

  • "Save for later" - If you are not ready to reach out to the candidate immediately, you can save the candidate's profile to the Project for review later.
  • "Shuffle campaign" - Distribute candidates randomly between all Campaigns under a Project, also known as A/B Testing. You can create multiple versions of your outreach or experiment with different senders to see which combination produces the best results!

Step 5b. After selecting a Campaign - you will have the option to:

  • "Get in touch" -  If you're on the Premium plan with Referrals enabled and an employee at your company has a connection, your default option will be "Get in touch". 

    If you would like to directly contact the candidate without an introduction request to an employee at your company: 
    Select the "Request review only" option.

  • "Save for later" - If you are not ready to reach out to the candidate immediately, you can save the candidate's profile to the Project for review later.
  • "Send" - Start outreach to the candidate with a First Message, follow ups will be automatically scheduled based on your follow-up settings.
  • "Request review" - If your Project has a Reviewer assigned, you will see this option instead of a "Send". Your Reviewer will need to approve the candidate for the outreach to begin.

Previously Interacted Candidates

"Your teammate has already interacted with this candidate"

  • This alert on the Teamable Chrome Extension means that you or your Teammate may have contacted this candidate before and your outreach may be duplicative. Teamable detects the candidates conversation via your ATS, your Teamable Team account or through your own Gmail/Microsoft 365 email account.

Viewing the Previous Outreach

If someone has reached out to the candidate via Teamable, the Project name, the name of the Teammate who contacted the candidate, the candidate's outreach status, the date reached and the Project URL will appear below the alert. 

You can select the "Outreach" option to see the exact Campaign and messaging used to contact the candidate most recently

Re-Engaging Previously Contacted Candidates

If you would still like to reach out to the candidate even when they have be previously connected with you or another Teammate, select the checkbox "Send anyways" to in order for the "Send" button to activate. Then select "Send" to start the campaign sequence. 

This logic also applies to Projects/Campaigns with Reviewers ("Review anyways") or Referral requests ("Request intro anyways").

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