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Profile Tab

Candidate Information

The Profile tab on the Teamable Chrome Extension will show the candidate profile information.

Candidates on LinkedIn: When selecting the Extension on a candidate's LinkedIn page, the Profile tab will display the candidate's First Name, Last Name, Email, and the Company fields.

Candidates on other sites: When selecting the Extension on a candidate's personal website or other sites, the Profile tab will not display the candidate's First Name, Last Name, Email, and the Company fields. You will have to input the information as the Extension will not be able to read the page.

You can select any field to change the text. Please note when changing the text, the fields may be included in your messaging. 

  • Changing the First Name field text will replace the {First Name} variable.
  • Changing the Company field text will replace the {Company} variable.
  • Changing the Email field will replace the default email address Teamable has available.

Copying Outreach for LinkedIn InMail

On the Profile tab in the Extension, you can copy the initial messaging, paste it into a LinkedIn InMail, and then you can mark the candidate as reached through LinkedIn InMail.

This is useful in reaching out to candidates that are missing an email address or if you want to re-engage them in addition to your reach out email.

Step 1. On the Profile tab in the Extension, select the "Copy outreach for InMail" button on the bottom-right corner.

The variables {First Name}, {Company}, {Sentence}, {Calendar}, and {Signature} will be replaced with the candidate's profile information, so please edit the message as needed.

If the Campaign Sender is a teammate instead of yourself, the {Signature} variable will populate with your own user's signature and not the Campaign Sender's signature.

Step 2. Once the "Copied" message appears, you can paste the copied First Message into the candidate's LinkedIn InMail message.

Step 3. After pasting and sending the InMail, select the Extension button in Chrome again and select the "Record InMail sent" button to record the sent message in the candidate's profile in Teamable.

Step 4. You will see the "Success" banner pop-up once the InMail has been recorded on Teamable. Clicking the Extension again will also show the banner "InMail recorded as sent!".

To view the recorded InMail in the candidate's profile in Teamable, select the CRM tab on the Extension and select "View in Teamable".

Please note that the recorded message in the candidate's profile will be the default generated First Message from Teamable and it will not reflect your actual message if you have edited the message after copying it. You will need to view your InMail inbox to view the actual sent message.

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