Reviewing Candidates and Providing Feedback

If you and a teammate are collaborating on a job requisition together or if you need a hiring manager to approve of certain candidates, you can assign a Reviewer to your Job to review candidates. They can easily approve, reject and provide feedback on each candidate sent to their Review queue.

Providing detailed feedback is an incredibly important step in the reviewing process. You have the option to select pre-written feedback as shown below, or enter your own written feedback to Recruiters & Sourcers. 

The more detailed feedback you are able to provide, both positively and negatively for each candidate, the better candidates you will see over time as Sourcers learn what to look for and what to avoid when sourcing. Ideally, providing more feedback when reviewing candidates will allow your Sourcers to provide higher quality candidates and allow you to focus on other responsibilities besides the initial reviewing process.


  • A Job with Reviewer(s) assigned

Please see Adding and Removing Reviewers in Jobs for more details on assigning Reviewers to a Job.

Approving and Rejecting Candidates

Step 1. Select the Review tab on the sidebar (1). 

Step 2. Select "Review [x] candidates" button next to the Job you would like to review on the far right-hand side of the page (2).

Please note that there are options at the top of the review section. "For approval" are outbound candidates sourced to a job where you are set as outbound reviewer. "Open requests" are candidates you sourced for another reviewer. You can nudge a reviewer from that menu to automate a reminder email for them to review. The "Applicants" section will be visible only to users on the Premium plan with Inbound Applicant sorting enabled. More on using that here.

Step 3. Approve, Reject, or move candidates to a more suitable campaign/job. 

Approved candidates will be processed by Teamable and outreach will begin. Rejected candidates will not be contacted.

Providing detailed feedback for each candidate

Select the drop-down arrow next to the "Send" or "Reject" button and select a reason for approving or rejecting. While there are shortcuts you can use when leaving feedback, explaining your reasoning behind your decisions will help those sourcing sharpen their search criteria and provide you with more quality candidates that may require less time to review, if any at all. 

Send options include:

  • Edit messaging - This option allows you to edit the First Message in the outreach to that particular candidate.

  • Leave Feedback - This option allows you to write a plain text message. When approving a candidate, it is a great idea to leave a short explanation of what you liked about that candidate so that Sourcers can look for similar qualities in other candidates.

  • Move to another job - This option allows you to redirect the candidate to a job or campaign where they may be a better fit.

Reject Options - If your ATS is integrated we will automatically pull your ATS rejection reasons and populate those as options. If there is no ATS connection, we will display a list of generic and freeform options.

Generic Reject options include: 

  • Not enough experience - The candidate does not have enough years of experience for the role.
  • Too senior - The candidate has too many years of experience for the role.
  • Current company/industry is not a good fit - The candidate's current industry and company background does not align with your company.
  • Employment gaps or job-hopping is a concern - The candidate has missing job history and frequently has less than 1 year of experience with a company.
  • Have already talked  - The candidate has already connected with you or your teammate before.
  • Leave Feedback - This option allows you to write a plain text message if you would like to provide more detail. When rejecting a candidate, it is a great idea to leave a short explanation of what you did not like about that candidate so that Sourcers can avoid similar qualities in other candidates.

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