Viewing Applicants

The Inbound feature is available to teams on a Premium plan with an integrated ATS.

You must be an assigned Reviewer for the Job or a Teamable Admin to view, accept and reject applicants. For more information on adding or removing Reviewers to Jobs, check out this article on Setting Reviewers.

Once you have been made an assigned Reviewer for a Job, you can view, accept, and reject applicants for the Job by navigating to the Applicants section of the Sourcing tab from the left sidebar.

You can filter on specific Inbound campaigns in the Applicants tab of Review.

  • Only Mine: View only applicant campaigns where you are assigned as an Inbound Reviewer
  • All Applicants: View all Inbound campaigns
  • No Reviewer Assigned: View Inbound campaigns without an explicitly assigned Inbound reviewer

Admins can always view all Jobs without an assigned Reviewer with applicants in the Applicants on the Review page.

"Best Match" Ranking

Teamable can order applicants based on which applicants are the Best Match for the Teamable Job and job requisition. You can change the viewing order by selecting the drop-down on the right side. Accepting or rejecting applicants will automatically update the Best Match order.


Select “All filters” to view filter options. If you're on the Applicants tab it will already be filtering on the Inbound source for you.

Applicant Cards

You can access the candidate's detailed profile by clicking on their name. You can also access their LinkedIn profile by clicking the LinkedIn icon or their Greenhouse candidate page by clicking on the Greenhouse icon.

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