Viewing Applicants

The Inbound feature is available to teams on a Premium plan with an integrated ATS.

You must be an assigned Reviewer for the Job or a Teamable Admin to view, accept and reject applicants. For more information on adding or removing Reviewers to Jobs, check out this article on Setting Reviewers.

Once you have been made an assigned Reviewer for a Job, you can view, accept, and reject applicants for the Job by navigating to the Applicants section of the Sourcing tab. You can get there in several ways:

The Sourcing Page (direct)

The Review Page

  • Mine only: View only applicant campaigns where you are assigned as an Inbound Reviewer
  • All applicants: View all Inbound campaigns
  • No reviewer assigned: View Inbound campaigns without an explicitly assigned Inbound reviewer

Admins can always view all Jobs without an assigned Reviewer with applicants in the Applicants on the Review page.

The Job Page

Filtering & Ranking

  1. Calibrate your AI similarity model FIRST - learn more here

    Calibration candidates create a similarity model that used to rank (never exclude) the most similar candidates.
  2. Consider some filters to help identify must have and nice to have attributes - learn more here

Teamable can show applicants based on fit by filter set and also order via the AI similarity model. These can be modified by using the drop-downs above the candidate lists to show you candidates that fall outside your filter set for quick, bulk rejection or to order by application date/location instead of similarity.

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