Calibration Candidates

Our search experience is designed to allow you refine a pool of candidates that are most relevant for each job. As you find & recruit great candidates, our AI engine will look across key candidate details & orders the best candidates based on what we know you like.

Always Calibrate First

Filters will begin to exclude candidates based on your criteria. Our AI overlay will never exclude a candidate, but instead is meant to quickly surface the best matches to the top so you can act quickly and reach out faster. You should always check your AI calibration candidates and examine the results before you begin to filter. Learn more about the nuance of filtering here: Using Smart Filters

Calibration candidates section

When you reach the Sourcing interface and have the relevant job selected, look for the Calibration candidates section and click to expand.

Once expanded, you'll see a list of candidates that represent a rolling conveyor belt of up to 10 recent candidates either sourced by you, made as referrals, or progressing through your ATS stages, suggesting they are good fits for the role. In this way Teamable gives you full visibility and control over the AI similarity model.

You can take one of three actions to refine this set of candidates:

  • For a candidate that is the ideal fit, click Pin to have that candidate ALWAYS considered and not roll off as other candidates progress through the pipeline
  • For a candidate that doesn't fit well, click Remove to have the model stop considering that candidate
  • If you'd like to add a profile manually, you'll be able to add a LinkedIn URL using the link in the explanatory text above the candidate list

Once you have curated your calibration candidate list, we suggest you examine the ranking results and then begin to add or alter any relevant filters. Learn more about Smart filter in Teamable here.

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