Why are my messages not being sent? The status still says "Sourced"!

After a candidate has been saved, there may additional steps and processing that is required for the Candidate outreach sequence to occur.

  • Candidate Review - Based on the Campaign settings, the candidate is being reviewed by a Team Member or by the Campaign Owner.
  • Teamable at Work - Teamable is processing the candidate's information and validating the candidate identity, details and email address.
  • Draft - The email is currently sitting in the Sender’s Inbox Drafts folder ready to send.
    Please note: This can occur if a candidate is sourced by a Teamable sourcer, but the candidate is a duplicate and has been reached out to already. This allows you to determine if you want to reach out to the candidate again.
  • Awaiting Next Sendable Day - The candidate email will go out on the next business day or day based on the Settings > "Send On" days in the Campaigns.
  • Intro Requested - A team member has requested an introduction for a referral request from a current employee on your team.

For more details on an individual the candidate status, click on the "Sourced" status and a pop-up with the Candidate's status will appear.


Select the Candidate's individual name. The Candidate's Profile Page, under the  Outreach tab, will show a detailed view of the Candidate's status as well.

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