Approval and Rejection Templates

*Note: If you are using Greenhouse ATS, you can pull in Greenhouse built applicant rejection messaging and utilize that. See here for more detail

Editing Approval and Rejection Templates

On the Campaigns tab of your job you'll find an Inbound campaign. There you can personalize the messages that will be sent Upon candidate Rejection or Advancement. These are toggled OFF by default, so you'll have to enable them if you'd like the message to come via Teamable. Currently there are six variables you can use in the Inbound messages:

  • First Name” - Applicant’s First Name
  • "Last Name" - Applicant's Last Name
  • "Sender's Name" - Sender's First Name
  • "Job Title" - The job posting's job title (this is the name of the job itself)
  • "Calendar" - If you have set up a calendar link in your User Profile Settings, this variable will be available to you. Check out Integrating Calendar Link into a Campaign for more information.
  • Signature” - Sender’s signature

To change the messaging, simply click into the message and begin editing. Teamable will automatically save changes made to the messaging.

You can preview your template using the Preview tab on the editor.

Disabling Approval and Rejection Templates

You have the option to enable or disable the approval or rejection templates - again note that these are OFF by default unless set otherwise by your admin. Individually this is done via a toggle on each message on the campaign screen, both 'Approval' and 'Rejection' messages.

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