Approval and Rejection Templates

Editing Approval and Rejection Templates

On the Messaging tab of your Inbound campaign, you can personalize the messages that will be sent from the Reviewer. Currently there are six variables you can use in the Inbound templates:

  • First Name” - Applicant’s First Name
  • "Last Name" - Applicant's Last Name
  • "Sender's Name" - Sender's First Name
  • "Job Title" - The job posting's job title (this is the name of the job itself)
  • "Calendar" - If you have set up a calendar link in your User Profile Settings, this variable will be available to you. Check out Integrating Calendar Link into a Campaign for more information.
  • Signature” - Sender’s signature

To change the messaging, simply click into the message and begin editing. Teamable will automatically save changes made to the messaging.

You can preview your template using the Preview tab on the editor. Please note that the content of the messages can also be personalized on a per applicant basis before they are sent.

Disabling Approval and Rejection Templates

You have the option to enable or disable the approval or rejection templates in the Messaging tab of the Inbound campaign so the applicant will not receive an email outreach. This is done via a toggle on each message, both 'Approval' and 'Rejection' messages.

Personalizing a Template for an Individual Applicant

When you decide to accept or reject an applicant, you have the option to edit the messaging that will be sent to that person. Before selecting “Send”, next to each button there is an arrow that will open a drop-down menu. Within that menu is an “Edit messaging” option. You will then be able to edit the message being sent to that particular applicant.

If you would like to apply your edits to all future outreach, select the toggle next to “Apply template changes to all future outreach”. By toggling on the option, you will be updating all future messaging to match the edits you made for that individual applicant. 

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