Integrating Calendar Link into a Campaign

Please note, the calendar variable will be the calendar link of the Campaign Sender. The Sender must have a calendar linked in their own User Profile Settings.

If you're sending on behalf of a Hiring Manager (SOBO) and want to respond to an "Interested" candidate response, you will need to manually link your calendar or else the variable will populate your Hiring Manager's calendar

Adding a Calendar Link to your Account

Step 1. Copy your calendar link. Example of calendar apps: Calendly, VyteScheduleOnce.

Step 2. Go to your User Profile Settings. Select your User Profile Photo and then select "Settings".

Step 3. Under the User tab, scroll down to the "Your calendar link" section and paste your calendar link.

Step 4. Once you have pasted the calendar link, the {Calendar} variable will appear in your outreach templates. The variable will be replaced with the word "calendar" and will be hyperlinked to the calendar link.

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