Job Configuration

To find your Job's Settings page, you need to find your Job, then select Configuration tab

Here is some additional information on the options under Job Configuration.


Public job title - this auto-populates with an integrated ATS and is used to populate the "Job Title" variable used in outreach

Company name - this is for independent recruiting agencies only; the "Company name" variable will feed into the auto-campaign generation and write outreach representing an open position for the company in this field instead of your company

Location - position location used to help inform outreach generation and AI sourcing criteria

Department - corresponding business department of the job

Access - Adjusting the Access and Visibility of a Job

Job description - This will pull from your ATS or you can paste a JD here; it will be used to help generate relevant outreach messaging and inform AI sourcing criteria

Candidate Review - Adding and Removing Reviewers in Jobs

Referrals / Employee Portal

*please note this is for users on the Premium plans only with Referrals enabled

Primary Recruiter - defines the user from the recruiter side that is the primary for this job

Featured "hot" job - this is a toggle which will highlight the job on the employee portal and promote it over other jobs

Referral bonus - this is a toggle to enable which then opens fields for currency denomination, amount, and description of the bonus which are to be surfaced on the employee portal


You will need to have your Team account connected to an ATS for access to this feature.

Connect a Greenhouse Job and Managing Greenhouse Settings in Jobs

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