Viewing Teammates' Jobs/Campaigns or Closed Jobs/Campaigns

If you need to see a teammate's Job or go back into a closed campaign, you can view your team's or closed Jobs/campaigns easily by adjusting the filters. By default, your Jobs/Campaigns will be filtered by your own Jobs/Campaigns "Mine only" and "Job/Campaign Status: Open". 

Viewing all Teammates's Jobs/Campaigns

Step 1. Select the Jobs tab or the Campaigns tab on the left sidebar.

Step 2. Select the X on the right side of the "Mine only" filter pill.

Optional, Step 3. Select X on the right side of the "Job/Campaign status: Open" to view all open and closed Jobs/Campaigns in your entire Team.

Please note, if you cannot find your Teammate's Job, they may have restricted access to specific Teammates only.

They will need to allow you access to the Job by going to their Job Settings page.

Viewing Your Own Closed Jobs/Campaigns Only

Step 1. Select  "Job/Campaign status: Open" filter and select "Closed" to view your own closed Jobs/Campaigns.

For more Filter options, visit Using Filters.
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