I would like to add candidates to my CRM via CSV

With an Integrated ATS

  • Teamable already looks at all of your legacy candidate data and will notify teammates running outreach of any previous contact with candidates prior to allowing messaging.
  • Teamable has a forthcoming new feature that will allow you to pull all ATS candidates, added prior to the integration date, into Teamable to make them searchable and reachable.

With OR Without an Integrated ATS manually

  • You can import candidates manually via CSV, but we'll need a public LinkedIn Profile URL or Profile ID in order to enrich candidate data and make the profiles are searchable. This article explains more about how to do that - and you'll want to ensure in this case that you upload them to a new Job as 'Saved for Later' and NOT a campaign messaging sequence:
  1. Create a new Job titled "CRM Additions" or something that gives the correct context
  2. Go to your new Job and choose 'Import CSV' - make certain your CSV is correctly formatted as explained here

  3. Choose 'Save for later'

  4. Proceed with the upload

If you do not have LinkedIn IDs or public URLs, Teamable can accommodate larger migrations and map some fields manually on a case by case basis. Please reach out to support@teamable.com for more information if you think this is applicable to your organization.

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