Release Note 10/5/23 - Inbound now available for Lever Teams and Candidate Detail Slideout Updates

📨 Introducing Inbound for Lever Teams

Teamable is launching Inbound for Teams on Lever ATS today! Seamlessly integrate Inbound applicants into your sourcing process. Teamable will watch for new applicants and elevate the best matches for the role. You can learn more about the Inbound feature here!

Existing Teams on Lever will need to update their Lever API key to enable permissions for Inbound. Check out our support article on Integrating Lever with Teamablefor more information on generating a new key.

🌟 Key Features:

  • Find the needle in the haystack: By harnessing AI technology, Teamable’s “Best Match” feature surfaces the most qualified candidates to the top.
  • Search made easy: Teamable adds our candidate metadata to every applicant. So you can quickly filter by keywords, skills and experiences levels.
  • Integration across channels: Teamable Inbound is fully integrated with Outbound and Referrals. If an applicant is already in your network or was sourced before, that context is visible across each channel so you are able to take informed action.

📄 Candidate Detail Slideout Updates:

As you view/review candidate details across the Teamable platform, we continue to make several visual enhancements to allow for a more comprehensive & efficient way to consume information about any candidate’s background. While functionally, nothing has changed, this week, we have introduced several of these enhancements to improve your experience.

Feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions or feedback.

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