Creating an Inbound Applicant messaging Campaign

The Inbound feature is available to teams on a Premium plan with an integrated ATS.

An Inbound campaign will be automatically created for your Jobs. The campaign will always be titled “Inbound”. The connected job requisition in your ATS must have applicants in order for an Inbound campaign to be created. You'll find it on your Jobs page under the campaigns section. This can be set on a job by job basis, or globally if you are a Teamable admin.

On each Job

This campaign has both an Approval and a Rejection message which are disabled by default. Use the toggle in the upper right hand corner of each message to enable if desired.

By default, the sender will be the user that Approves or Rejects. You can alter this to any sender that is currently a Teamable user on your team via the settings tab.

Global Admin Settings

In order to set defaults for inbound and referral messaging, you must be a Teamable admin. You may then follow these steps:

  1. Open your settings page by clicking your avatar in the upper right hand corner of the screen

  2. Select the 'Default templates' option. Here you'll be able to send standardized messaging across referral and inbound Messaging campaigns.

  3. If you use Greenhouse ATS, you can make use of the rejection messaging you use for inbound applicants there - see here.

Teamable will ingest applicants from the past 30 days from your ATS.

Admin users on your Team can adjust the length of time in the global Team Settings page.

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