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With Google SSO and Gmail, you can utilize the sidebar available when viewing a candidate messages in your inbox. The Sidebar is available on any Teamable outreach with the Teamable icon on the left of the Subject Line.

Opening the Gmail Sidebar in an Email Thread

Step 1. Find the email outreach completed by Teamable in your inbox.
You can find all your Teamable candidate outreaches in your Gmail inbox by selecting the Teamable Label folder, then search for the candidate's name. For more information on viewing Teamable candidates in your Gmail inbox, check out this article.

Step 2. Select and open the outreach thread and the Sidebar menu should open up automatically on the left side of the message.

Collapsing and Hiding the Gmail Sidebar

Step 1. To collapse and hide the sidebar, select the Teamable icon again.

Sidebar Information and Links

  • Candidate's First and Last Name
  • Candidate's Current Title
  • Candidate's Current Company
  • LinkedIn Icon - Select the icon to visit the candidate's LinkedIn page
  • Teamable Icon - Select the icon to view the candidate's Profile on the Teamable site
  • Paper Icon - Select the icon to open a search on the candidate in your Gmail inbox
  • Campaign Name - Select the Campaign name to open the Campaign page the candidate was saved to
  • Events - The follow-up message schedule will appear with dates accordingly.
    • You can select "Cancel All" to stop any scheduled outreaches
  • Teamable Team
    • Your Teamable Account Manager - Select your AM's name to open an email draft and reach out to your AM for any questions about the candidate.
    • Reviewed your candidate outreach - The Teamable team member who reviewed the candidate's profile for accuracy
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