Adding Images to a Campaign Template

You can easily add images and GIFs to your templates with an image URL.


  • You will need to host the image on your own domain OR you can follow the steps in the section "Hosting an Image on Google Drive".

Adding an Image to your Campaign Template

Step 1. Go to your Campaign template page.

Step 2. Select your template (First message, Follow-ups, Replies) to open up the text editor pop-up page.

Step 3. Select the image icon at the bottom of the text editor box.

Step 4. In the "Add Image" pop-up, paste your image URL and select "OK" to insert the image into your template.

Hosting an Image on Google Drive

Images can be resized locally and then hosted on Google Drive.

Step 1. Save the image file on your computer.

Step 2. Upload to Google Drive by selecting the "New" button on, then select "File upload".

You can also drag and drop the image into your selected Google Drive folder.

Step 3. Select your chosen image file.

Step 4. Once the image has been uploaded to the Drive, right-click on the image file in your folder and select "Share".

Step 5. Go to the "General access" section and select the drop-down menu, then select "Anyone with the link".

Step 6. Select "Copy link".

Step 7. Paste the link in the Address bar of the browser tab, but DO NOT hit Enter / Return on your keyboard. You will be editing the URL in the Address bar.

Step 8. In the Address bar, remove /view?usp=sharing from the end of URL. Be sure to remove the backslash before "view".

Step 9. Replace file/d/ with uc?id= after .com/ and do not remove the backslash after ".com"

Step 10. Copy the whole link and you can test the URL in a new tab to ensure the image link works.

If you receive a Google 404 error, go back and review the steps above to ensure the URL adjustments are correct.

Step 11. Paste the Image URL into the "Add Image" pop-up in your Campaign template.

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