Tracking Email Opens and Clicks

You can track whether a candidate has opened your email outreach or if they have clicked on any of the URLs linked in your email outreach. By default, new Campaigns will have email tracking opens and clicks disabled to improve the deliverability of the outreach.

"Open" - The candidate opened the email outreach.

"Click" - The candidate clicked on a link in the email outreach. Please note that if you have multiple links, Teamable will not be able to differentiate which link was clicked and how many times the link was clicked. You will need to incorporate UTM tagging for more detailed analytics on specific clicks.

Enabling Email Tracking in Campaigns

In order to track email opens and clicks in Teamable, you need to have the Email Tracking option enabled on the Settings tab within the Messaging tab.

Viewing a Campaign's Email Tracking Open and Click Rates

Step 1. Go to the Campaign you want to view.

Step 2. Select the Metrics tab.

Step 3. View the "Opened" and "Clicked" numbers under the Campaign Metrics section.

Viewing a Candidate's Opens and Clicks

Step 1. Find the candidate you want to view and click on the candidate's name to open their Candidate Profile page.

Step 2. Verify the correct Campaign name. If the candidate has been previously sourced by your Team, you will need to select the drop-down arrow next to the candidate status to choose the correct Campaign.

Step 3. Scroll down the History page to view the "Opens" and "Clicks".

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