Release Note 5/12/23 - New Messaging Variable, Greenhouse update and Hired in Reports

New Messaging Variable

We're happy to announce we've just released a new messaging variable - Sender's Name (Campaign sender's first name)!

This new variable will allow you to change the sender when you're sourcing or duplicating a campaign, without the need to manually change the sender's name within the actual message.

Our data shows that candidates are 2x more likely to respond to hiring managers and people in leadership positions, so we want to make it easier to send on behalf of others. Want to learn more about our SOBO (Sending on behalf of) feature? Check out our support article here!

Greenhouse Source Name Change

With the rebrand from TopFunnel to Teamable last September, if you were previously a user on the original Teamable product, the Greenhouse source name will change from "Teamable" to "Teamable Referrals". For the new Teamable, Greenhouse source name will change from "TopFunnel" to "Teamable". These changes will apply starting May 15, 2023 next Monday. More information available here.

"Hired" Status and Stage now available in the ATS Metric Report and in Custom Reports

We've just introduced the Hired stage in your ATS Metrics Report. This means that now, when you check the report, you'll see candidates who have been manually marked as "Hired" based on your ATS data and as well as from the Teamable app. We've also expanded the available dimensions and measurements for the Hired, so you can get even more detailed insights in your Custom Reports.

Coming soon - Improved Reports

We're putting in some serious effort to amp up the reporting and metrics experience. We've got some exciting updates in the pipeline that we can't wait to share. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support team at!

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