The Personalized Content Variable

What is the Personalized Content variable?

When creating an outreach template on Teamable, you have the option to insert a Personalized Content variable. When it is put in an outreach template, Teamable will pull information from the candidate's profile and generate a sentence (sometimes two) unique to the candidate.

Why use the Personalized Content variable?

The Personalized Content variable...

  • helps to bypass spam filters so that outreach goes directly to a candidate's inbox.
  • typically indicates your interest in learning more about a candidate's time at a particular company, giving them a prompt to respond to.
  • humanizes your outreach- rather than feeling like a cold, impersonal, generic template, the message feels personally catered to each individual candidate.

Combining all of these factors, utilizing the personalized content variable increases your chances of a positive reply from the candidate. 

Teamable customers who utilized the Personalized Content variable in the past year saw, on average, a 62% increase in interested replies from candidates versus those who did not. 

What does the custom sentence look like?

The contents of the sentence will change depending on what can be parsed from a candidate's page. 

You can preview a generic example of what the personalized content will look like on the Teamable site by navigating to the "Templates" tab under a specific campaign, clicking into the first message, and selecting the "Preview" tab. 

You can also preview what the personalized content might look like for a specific candidate in the Teamable Chrome extension by selecting the "Preview" tab under the "Reach out" tab in the extension. Please note that this is not always the exact sentence that will be sent out- it is a close estimate.

Personalized Content Examples

To help give you a better picture of the custom sentence in action, there are two examples below. One is for a candidate with limited information on her profile, and the other is able to utilize extra information about the candidate's work experience.

Example 1: This candidate has her work experience listed simply as companies she has worked at, and how long she worked at those jobs. The generated sentence references her current company and the length of time she has been there, and asks about her previous company. Since this candidate does not have any descriptive information about her responsibilities at each job, the sentence is more general.

Example 2: This candidate includes descriptions of her responsibilities at a role. Teamable is able to pull keywords from the descriptions and make a specific reference. 

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