Moving Candidates to Another Job from Review

When reviewing candidates, you have the option to move the candidate to a different job via three different methods:

  • move candidates to "save for later"
  • send outreach from a different specified campaign
  • send from a randomly chosen campaign via Shuffle

Rerouting Candidates from Review

Step 1. Go to the Review tab and select "Review x candidate(s)" on the right of your chosen Campaign. 

Step 2. Find the candidate you want to move, and select the "More actions" button on the right side of the candidate card and then select "Move to another job".

Step 3. Choosing one of the following options:

Please note if you want to move the candidate to a teammate's Job/Campaign, you need to click and toggle OFF "Mine only" to see additional Jobs/Campaigns.

Please note, if the campaign is a Stream campaign, it will not appear in the drop down menu. Only campaigns which are Platform campaigns will appear in the drop down menu. If you would like to source to a Stream campaign, please make a copy of the campaign. This will automatically create the copy as a Platform campaign, which you can then move the candidate to.

Step 3a: Saving the candidate for later

Step 3a-1. Select the drop-down menu and choose the Job you want the candidate to be "Saved for later".

Step 3a-2. Select the "Save for later" button to save the candidate in the "saved for later" section in the Job.

Step 3b. Move the candidate to send messaging from a different specific Campaign

Step 3b-1. Select the drop-down menu and choose the Campaign you want the new First Message to be sent.

Step 3b-2. Select the "Send" button to send the First Message to the candidate.

You can also edit the First Message to the candidate on the First Message tab.

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