Why was my outreach stopped?

Your outreach sequence could have been stopped for any of the following reasons:

  • Stopped - Rejected - During Candidate Review, the Reviewer rejected the candidate.
  • Stopped - Couldn’t Process - TopFunnel could not find a valid email or stopped the messaging due to GDPR or privacy/opt-out protections.
  • Stopped - Bounced - TopFunnel reached the candidate but the email was not valid.
  • Stopped - Draft Deleted - The email was deleted in the Drafts folder.
  • Stopped - Intro Failed - A introduction for a referral request was not successful
  • Removing the "Teamable" label from your outreach in Gmail will stop outreach
  • Moving the email to a different folder from the Inbox
  • Another extension interfering with outreach
  • Inserting the email into drafts and using the scheduled send option in Gmail
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