Google locked my Gmail account!

Google is purposely ambiguous about what behaviors trigger spam.

Most likely it is result of recipients flagging your email. If enough users report your account, Google may temporarily flag the account. Contact your Google domain administrator for help.

Teamable continually maintains the health of your Gmail address

Teamable already takes many precautions to protect your domain reputation and ensure your account health, including ensuring the right email address is sent to, and throttling the total number of messages that can be sent every hour and every day.

The content of messages can also have a large impact on keeping email accounts healthy.

1. Make sure your messaging is relevant to the prospects you're contacting. If you are using the Chrome Extension, you have the option to customize the first message.

2. We also strongly recommend using our custom {Sentence} variable, as it ensures that every message is unique in its content and therefore different, i.e. less likely to be flagged by email providers.

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