Release Note 4/11/23 - New version of Chrome extension

We're happy to announce we've made the following changes to our Chrome extension:

Easy actions

- Reaching out to candidates via LinkedIn is now more seamless than ever - you can copy an outreach message and record it with a single click.

- Effortlessly access candidate profiles in Teamable and your ATS with dedicated buttons at the bottom of the extension.


Candidate recommendations - Finding the right candidate just got easier. Our extension now recommends other candidates directly within its interface. Simply click on a candidate's profile to learn more about them and initiate contact.


Candidate Summary - Make informed decisions quickly by selecting "Why [Candidate Name]?" to access a concise summary of the candidate.

Mutual Connections - Discovering mutual connections directly from a candidate's profile is now possible if you have the Referrals functionality enabled. This allows for an easy and effective way to request introductions, leveraging your network to connect with potential candidates.

Candidate Interaction Detection - We've introduced a visual warning (highlighted with an orange border) indicating when a team member has already interacted with a candidate. We will also prompt you to confirm your intention before proceeding with any actions.


If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to us at!

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