Release Note 3/11/24 - Teamable Updates

Saved for later

Would you like to be reminded about candidates you've saved for later? You can set the default reminder behavior in your user settings here - you can set reminder timings and specify if/when candidates should be automatically removed from the job.

Remember, you can always view candidates saved for later by navigating to Jobs > To Do > Saved for later.

You can also set individual reminders when you save a candidate for later.

Inbound - reviewers

Users designated as the primary recruiter for a job in their ATS will automatically be assigned as Inbound reviewers. This will enable them to efficiently review applicants from here.

Bounced emails

Additionally, the 'No Email' tab under Jobs > To Do has been updated to include candidates who could not be contacted due to email bounces.

For any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at!

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